dunblane pastoral holdings

Growing wool has been our business for 4 generations over 100 years. We are proud to be a part of the history of our district and to continue the family wool growing legacy. As socially responsible producers we comply with the standards of animal husbandry being discussed on a global platform. As environmentally conscious producers, we advocate the protection and sustainability of our environment and see ourselves as stewards of our land.  

The natural beauty of our land and habitat is shared with visitors to the region through our "off the track" campsites. We also offer experiences that enhance their outback adventure.

dunblane pastoral holdings

Dunblane Pastoral Holdings operates a 15,000Ha wool sheep property on the eastern edge of the Mitchell grass pastoral zone in central western Queensland. Rainfall is predominantly in summer with an average annual rainfall of 490mm. The Counsell family has run merino wool sheep on Dunblane for over 90years.
Since 2008, David and Genevieve Counsell have run their pastoral operation on Dunblane. David, a graduate of the Mackinnon Project, a farm consultancy and advisory group operating out of the University of Melbourne Vet School, has a Masters in Veterinary Science and several other post graduate business qualifications including an MBA from the University of New England. David is actively involved in a wide range of agricultural and farm consultancy activities in addition to running Dunblane Pastoral Holdings. Genevieve has a Bachelor of Science and prior to Dunblane Pastoral Holdings, had a career in multinational corporates across sales, marketing and HR.


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