sale rams

  • All rams are bred from a genuine 18.0-18.5u medium frame merino flock.
  • Our ram selection is based on objective measurement techniques, including Fibre Diameter (FD), Clean Fleece weight (CFW), Staple Strength (SS) and body weight.
  • Flock based Estimated Breeding Values (EBV's) are calculated for all economic traits, such as CFW, FD, SS and BWT.  Selection Indexes are used to rank all assessed rams and identify rams into Stud Retained, Sale and Cull groups.
  • At assessment, the bottom 50% of all rams assessed on index are culled. We also cull all animals that fail our classing standards.
  • Both poll and horn rams available.
  • All rams and nucleus ewes are classed for structural and wool fault.
  • All sale rams are wrinkle score 3.0 or less.
  • All rams have a comfort factor >99.0%.

rams sold with full compliment of cohort (age drop) data

All rams available for sale will have a full set of data as to their performance against their age group. Included are SELECTION INDEXES generated from EBV's providing guidance of individual ram's genetic merit across a wide range of economic traits.

poll rams are available

These rams are typically bigger plainer body rams. They also have been bigger cutters but the wool character is typically broader. These poll rams reflect some of the imported genetics we used to increase FAT and MUSCLE genetics in the flock.


The up and coming ram team will also be subjectively classed in the wool for a number of traits that warrant removal of those animals from the age drop. Traits that we are classing out include:

  • Muffled faces
  • Severe structural fault, ie badly shaped legs, etc.
  • All forms of black spot and evidence of black wool genes.
  • Wool quality traits we are trying to avoid include wools of high dust penetration and creamy (non white) wool colour.

Typically 5% of the ram drop will be classed out. The results of the wool quality are available in the catalogue.

horn rams

Some of the horn ram genetics comes from several rams known for their wool character on top of their superior performance on the Sheep Genetics website. Whilst we have bred several rams that produce very pretty wools, we remain focused on profit and hence all rams must perform on index to be retained and used in the flock or offered for sale. Nevertheless, some pretty wool genetics have persisted and it's great to regularly pick up a few ribbons for our wool at the local agricultural shows.


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