genetics & breeding

Our aim is to breed sheep that produce high value fleeces, are highly fertile, are easy-care and are not susceptible to blowfly, all at a low cost of production.

We believe in objective measurement of key economic traits to identify genetically superior animals in a cohort. These genetically superior animals then become our breeders for the next generation. Targeted measurements, good scientific technique and spreadsheets can more accurately identify the best 1-3 rams in a group of 200 or the best 120 breeders in a mob of 1,500 maiden ewes, so for us, the spreadsheet is the preferred tool for accurate sheep selection. 

To achieve greater control of our genetic destiny, we have been breeding Dunblane rams for over 10 years and follow “world’s best practice” as advised by Sheep Genetics Australia. Our ram breeding nucleus originates from several AI programs with semen from Australia’s most elite merino sires, including Kia-ora, Hazeldean and Billandri. These individual rams rank very highly on the Sheep Genetics Australia or the Central Test Sire Evaluation databases. Our broad use of rams has minimised any risk that may come from inbreeding.

Advice was sought on all aspects of creating a ram breeding nucleus flock, including importation of external genetics, role of genomics, and the use of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV) for internal selection of both males and females. Sheep Genetics Australia, the Mackinnon Project and Anne Ramsay of Stenhouse Consulting have played key roles.

In addition to wool and adult body weight traits, we are increasing focus on yearling body weights, meat yields and fat & muscle traits. Our aim being sheep that produce both valuable superfine fleeces and that also grow a valuable carcase in as short a time as possible. 

top sires from 2019 drop

These top sires have delivered across the wide range of traits that we are measuring.

The ram with a F on his side is a champion sire from 2 years ago.


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