animal welfare

We pride ourselves in undertaking innovative and sustainable farming practices to ensure our merino sheep grow high quality wool through our focus on their health and wellbeing. Not only do we work with nature and the seasonal shifts to manage the welfare of our sheep, we have integrated many practices and technological advances beyond industry expectations to ensure our sheep are well cared for.

As socially responsible producers, we consider it an imperative that our standard of animal husbandry complies with that being discussed on a global platform. We are excited to adopt practices which will allow the traceability of our wool to provide consumers with confidence in the origin of the wool in the garments they purchase.

Of significance in our animal husbandry practices, no mulesing has been undertaken on Dunblane since 2008, and we now administer pain relief for tail docking and castration.

In 2018, Dunblane was certified under the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), a global, voluntary standard that recognises farming best practice, thereby ensuring wool comes from sheep that have been raised with respect to their five freedoms and that the grazing land has been managed responsibly.

Whilst the responsibilities are onerous to run a wool production system to the independently audited standards of the RWS system, we are committed to fulfilling expectations of the global wool community with respect to progressive land management and holistic animal welfare. 


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